‘40 Days For Life’ Spring Campaign Saves 455 Unborn Babies

Credit: 40 Days For Life

During the 40 Days For Life spring campaign between March 2 to April 10, 455 unborn babies were saved from abortion, according to CBN News. The campaign includes pro-life volunteers fasting, praying, and holding signs up to peacefully protest outside of abortion clinics. With the goal of making abortion “unthinkable,” their voices have reached many and their movement has saved hundreds of babies in this campaign alone. 

CBN News reports that in Niagara Falls, a baby’s life was saved after a pregnant woman at just 17-years-old turned to the pro-life organizers for help. She explained that her boyfriend and family “vowed to disown her” if she did not have an abortion. Pastor Bill, a local campaign leader, shared that her mind was changed after seeing their prayers and her baby was saved. The campaigners are helping to care for the woman and her baby who are both now safe. 


Two other pregnant women who chose life for their babies included one who reversed the abortion pill she took. After the reversal, her baby has been reportedly growing healthy. Another woman from Tennessee decided with her boyfriend that they would bring their baby into the world and place the baby for adoption. 

Pro-life movements are making a strong impact on the lives of unborn babies as they are encouraging more mothers to choose life. There to help them in their circumstances, pro-life organizations are educating pregnant mothers on God’s love and alternatives to abortion. According to 40 Days For Life, clinics such as Planned Parenthood, try to temporarily close down their locations for remodeling, staff training, or vacations when the pro-life organizations protest outside their faciltiies due to the impact they have on their potential clients. Saving hundreds of lives with their campaign, 40 Days For Life hopes to close down the doors of these clinics permanently. 


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