40,000 Runners Experience 3,000 Years of History in Jerusalem Marathon

Credit: shutterstock

Jerusalem’s annual marathon took place this past weekend with over 40,000 participants, 10,000 more than have ever joined before, running through the Holy City. According to CBN News, runners from more than 70 countries made their way to Jerusalem to participate in the events which took them through historic and iconic landmarks. 

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon explained that the marathon is “more than a sporting event,” noting that runners are guided through 3,000 years of history. Runners are taken past the Tower of David, the Old City walls, and the Jaffa Gate. The full marathon is one of the most difficult in the world because of the hills in the city. Leon participated in the event with his wife, excited that the event portrays both the history and the future of Jerusalem. 


The marathon is not just a scene for runners, however, many nonprofit organizations have raised money through the event. According to CBN News,  Deputy-Mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum explained in a press conference that there are over 30 nonprofits benefiting “all types of population groups in the city, from the special needs community to all sorts of other organizations, advocating for great causes.” 

For many, running through the city is a great accomplishment, and for some, the annual marathon has become a tradition with generations of family members participating in the events. At this year’s marathon, one couple went as part of their honeymoon, a grandfather and grandson participated together, and another runner shared that it was his first time at the marathon and he was excited to run among others instead of on his own. 


The Jerusalem marathon is a special one as it provides an opportunity for runners from all over the world to explore a historic city with iconic religious sights together.

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