Actor Chad Michael Murray Describes Christian Faith as “Spiritual Armor”

Credit: Shutterstock

Actor Chad Michael Murray recently shared how he embraces his Christian faith and calls it “spiritual armor,” according to Faithwire. Murray, who is known for his role in “One Tree Hill” along with other hit films including “A Cinderella Story,”  gave his audience a special glimpse into his daily routine which includes reading the Bible each day before he goes to work. 

Murray is not new to being open about his faith. In 2020, he told Fox News that he, his wife, and his two young children read the Bible daily and attend church on Sundays. He also shared that children must learn to have a “good moral compass” and “fear of God,” noting that without having a “fear of God” would lead to “chaos.” Praying before each meal, Murray teaches his children that spending time with God goes beyond that and is about maintaining that relationship at all times. 


Murray shared that he has turned down acting roles that were contrary to his Christian beliefs, much like other faithful stars in the entertainment industry like Candace Cameron Bure. He admitted that over the last 22 years, he has had unfavorable material presented to him which he turned down after concluding that the role was not a good fit for him. His approach to working in the entertainment industry makes Murray a role model for others, especially younger aspiring actors who may be presented with opportunities that do not fit with Christian values. 

Speaking out about his faith and making decisions that support it is a courageous move by Murray. As he not only embraces his faith personally, Murray shines a much needed light in Hollywood showing that goodness and values can be upheld while one remains on a successful trajectory in the industry. Hearing Christian actors and actresses share their experiences and how they stay true to their values is inspiring and encouraging to both their fans and those in the industry who need reassurance that they are not alone in remaining committed to their faith.


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