Actress Alexa PenaVega Shares How Faith Helped Her Overcome Social Media Pressures

Credit: Shutterstock

Actress Alexa PenaVega, known for her role in the Spy Kids film series, is opening up about her struggles and how faith has helped her overcome them. According to CBN News, PenaVega is releasing a new book, What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World, in which she shares her recovery journey from an eating disorder and a “painful” divorce. In a recent interview with Sadie Robertson Huff on her ‘Whoa That’s Good’ podcast, PenaVega explained how turning to God saved her from the pressures of society. 

Discussing her eating disorder that she has since recovered from, PenaVega explained that she was beginning to thrive on what others thought of her instead of focusing on God, noting that she welcomed praise from others for being skinnier and when she did not receive that praise it had a negative effect. For a while PenaVega lived with her secret eating habits that “tormented” her for so long, but after opening up about it and turning to God, she felt tremendous relief as though she was “breaking off all the chains.” 


PenaVega also discussed the pressures girls face on social media as they upload photos and count their ‘likes’ adding that “it’s a hard mental thing for young kids to deal with because it is a form of rejection.” PenaVega’s advice is to “lean on God’s Word.” Though she had a relationship with God, she pursued a deeper one, wanting to know more. PenaVega shared, “I started figuring out what the armor of God really stood for. The Word of God is power. It is so powerful. I feel like a superhero because I know I have God behind me in everything that I do. He’s in control so I literally have nothing to fear.”

In a world consumed by social media, PenaVega shared a powerful message. Opening up about her personal struggles and how she overcame them by centering her focus on God is encouraging to others. Now married with three children, PenaVega is thriving and inspiring people to rely on their faith to get them through difficult times knowing that God is with them every step of the way.  


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