Al Qaeda Opens Eight Terror Camps in Afghanistan

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The Al Qaeda terror organization has regained power in Afghanistan which has fallen under control of Taliban in the aftermath of the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops. According to CBN News, the U.N. Security Council revealed in late January that Al Qaeda has set up eight new training camps in Afghanistan near five Islamic educational institutions. Since their resurgence, Afghanistan has seen numerous terror attacks and violence. 

“There has been a notable escalation in terrorist attacks, from roadside and suicide bombs to rocket and mortar fire, direct fire, kidnappings, and violent crimes,” said Silvia Boltuc, managing director at the SpecialEurasia business and geopolitical intelligence platform.


Afghanistan has reportedly provided a safe haven for terrorists as Al Qaeda is maintaining safe houses in Herat, Farah, Helmand, and Kabul, allowing for easier movement between Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The U.N.’s report also warns of threat levels to other regions, including Europe, of the terror group in the wake of the October 7 terror attack on Israel by Hamas. The report states, “Al-Qaida’s communications efforts were enhanced and adapted quickly to seek to capitalize on events in Israel and Gaza since 7 October, demonstrating new agility.”


The rise of Al Qaeda comes amid a return to power of the radical Taliban group and its strict enforcement of Islamic Shari’a law in Afghanistan. Public executions, flogging, and stoning have returned to Afghanistan, raising concerns by human rights watchdogs and Afghans themselves. Despite the Taliban initially claiming to implement a moderate law after seizing power, the reality appears to be different. 

CBN News notably reports that “the punishments are similar to those during their previous rule of Afghanistan in the late 1990s when Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorists were also given a safe haven in the country to plot their 9/11 attack against the U.S.”

Although the U.N. is reportedly calling for the Taliban to stop their extreme punishments, there appears to be no difference made in the extreme level at which they are carrying out the law. The threat of Al Qaeda is also an area of extreme concern as the terror group’s history is linked to devastating attacks that they are likely to commit again if their resurgence remains on a steady incline. 

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