Amazon Features ‘I’m So Glad You Were Born’ For Prime Day Exclusive Sale

Ainsley Earhardt’s bestselling children’s book, I’m So Glad You Were Born, has been chosen by Amazon to be featured for their exclusive Amazon Prime Day sales. On July 11 and July 12, ‘I’m So Glad You Were Born’ can be purchased at a special low price on Amazon

In I’m So Glad You Were Born, Ainsley Earhardt brings parents and children together in a celebration of what makes each child special. Born with the blessing of God’s love, each child has a light within them that makes them stand out and shine bright. From their special talents to adventurous imaginations, all children are a gift that surrounds their loved ones with their endless joy and enthusiasm for life. 


In I’m So Glad You Were Born, Ainsley shares the inspirational message that each child is born with gifts from God that make them special, and lets them know that their parents are especially thankful to have them in their lives. Full of hope, children remind everyone of what it means to dream. As God’s creation, children are blessed with unique personalities and imaginations that prepare them for a life of achieving their own goals and inspiring others. 

An answer to a prayer themselves, children bring tremendous joy to those around them and are constant reminders of God’s love. In I’m So Glad You Were Born, Ainsley reminds readers of the power of hope and prayer. Celebrating the beauty within every child, I’m So Glad You Were Born is a book that will warm the hearts of all readers as it highlights the joy of the experience of children discovering their passions, imaginations, and hope. 


With beautiful illustrations by Kim Barnes, I’m So Glad You Were Born brings readers of all ages on a moving journey showing how every child is a true blessing from God.

Go to Amazon today to take advantage of their exclusive Prime Day sale to buy your copy of I’m So Glad You Were Born. 

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