American Idol Star Colton Dixon Shares Faithful Inspiration Behind New Single ‘Build a Boat’

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‘American Idol’ star Colton Dixon recently shared with CBN News’ Studio 5 how faith inspired him to write his new single “Build a Boat.” Colton shared that he was inspired by the biblical story of Noah with his unwavering belief in God’s plans. Colton wants to inspire others to have “crazy faith” in their lives like Noah, which he has found changed his perspective and changed his life since doing so himself. 

Colton told Studio 5, “I think God wants to get something to you. So when He asks something really big of you, just trust Him because something is on the way. Something is happening behind the scenes that you don’t see. For Noah, ultimately, it was a big warning sign right like trust me you want to build the boat. Yeah, so I wrote this song to declare, Lord whatever you have for me in my life, I just want to step out and be obedient. Even if I am in a drought season I’m going to step out and have faith now. I know something is on the way.”


Colton explained that when he was dropped by one of his record labels a few years ago, he found it to be a moment where he really needed to put his faith in God and what God had planned for him. After determining that music was still his life, Colton explained that his experience struggling with whether he would continue helped him grow in his faith and strengthen his relationship with God. 

Colton’s song sends a powerful message to listeners to put their trust and faith in God no matter what their circumstances. Noting Noah’s task to build a boat during a drought, Colton reminded everyone of the importance of believing in what God is asking you to do even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time. Encouraging people to embrace their “Noah moments,” Colton is spreading hope to those who need a reminder of the power of faith and the hope it brings. 


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