American Pastor Brings Trauma Kits and Trains Civilians in Ukraine

Credit: William PB Devlin

American Pastor Bill Devlin from Infinity Bible Church in Bronx, New York has made his way to Ukraine to provide combat trauma medical supplies to Ukrainian defense forces and civilians, according to The Christian Post. Devlin has had experience on the battlefield as a Vietnam War veteran and is a Purple Heart recipient. He does not fear for his safety being more concerned with aiding the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting for their lives and their country. Knowing that these medical supplies can save lives, Devlin is committed to getting this help to the places that need it most inside Ukraine. 

The Christian Post reports that Devlin is working with the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian Civil Defense Forces to provide trauma medical kits that include tourniquets to stop bleeding and “Quikclot, which consists of ‘a medicine or a gauze that allows quick clotting on a traumatic wound from a gunshot or from shrapnel.’” Devlin is also providing “spiritual, emotional and psychological support” and is praying with people to “share God’s love and to give them hope.” Additionally, he plans to train civilians in ways to defend themselves and their cities. 


Devlin has traveled with three other military veterans and an ABC News reporter. After taking a twelve-hour bus ride from Warsaw, Poland across the border to Ukraine, they traveled another hour and a half to Lviv. He noted that he did not see any men at the border checkpoint, just women, teenagers, and young children. Devlin shared that there may be an opportunity to go into Kyiv if they are invited there based on need. Funding for his efforts is being provided by Infinity Bible Church, but donations for relief supplies are also needed and can be made at, “the website for an organization where he serves as volunteer CEO.”

Committed to helping people survive the most dangerous situations, Devlin has experience traveling all over the world where violence and war have devastated populations. In the aftermath of Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine and their continued attacks, Devlin is making sure that his assistance is received so that he can help save the lives of Ukrainians. Not afraid to go into the heart of the battle, Devlin and his team are risking their own lives to save others. With his medical trauma kits, training capabilities, and spiritual guidance, Devlin is making an impact on Ukrainians that will strengthen them through healing, hope, and prayer. 


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