Americans Watch History Unfold as Trump’s Indictment Sets Precedent For Political Prosecutions

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Americans are being warned that Trump’s indictment is setting a dangerous precedent that has brought our nation to a point of no return. According to The Hill, Republicans are sounding the alarm that what they are calling a “political persecution” will become a new tool in politics as the courts have now become weaponized. If politically motivated prosecutions become the norm, America, as we know it, will become history. 

Vin Weber, a Republican strategist and former member of the House GOP leadership, warned that this indictment is “bad for America.” He argued that a “terrible precedent” has been set, noting that “once you start down this path, there’s no way you’re going to reverse it.” He warned that America is going to see political prosecutions brought about just to advance the careers of prosecutors, which is “harmful to America and our political process,” noting that some Republicans are already talking about bringing charges against President Biden or his son Hunter after he leaves office.


The fact that, according to polls, Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2024 election, makes this case even more complicated, suggested Weber. 

Some Republicans believe the indictment to be solely motivated by politics. Senator Josh Hawley (R -Mo.) tweeted last week, ““These charges aren’t about enforcing the law. Democrats barely pretend they are. They are the left telling the nation, we’re in charge here. And if you threaten us, we will destroy you.”


The Hill reports that Democrats are arguing that “no person is above the law,” but others are not comfortable with the fact that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is the first prosecutor to indict Trump on conduct that has been known publicly for five years, after his predecessors passed on the case. 

Republicans have provided several examples of similar cases being thrown out by the courts, or not even brought to the courts at all. Sen. Ted Cruz noted a similar charge was brought against Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) who used nearly $1 million in payments from political backers to support his mistress during his 2008 campaign; the case was thrown out at trial. Then, there is Hillary Clinton who, during the 2016 presidential campaign, paid $1 million, categorized as legal payments, for the fake Steele Dossier to be compiled which never was brought to court.

Many Republicans agree that the confidence in the justice system of America has hit a major low point, and because of this, democracy itself is threatened. Witnessing the indictment of former President Trump is witnessing a key part of American history unfold. With the future of America hanging in the balance for several reasons, the crippling of the justice system would be a major contributing factor if freedom fades in America. 

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