Animal Shelters Receive Nearly $13 Million in Honor of Betty White

Credit: Actors and Others for Animals

Across the country, animal shelters and rescuers have received an astonishing $12.7 million in honor of comedian and actress Betty White, who passed away on New Year’s Eve just days before what would have been her 100th birthday, according to Good News Network. Campaigns were launched all over social media in honor of Betty White who was sincerely dedicated to helping animals. Calling it the #BettyWhiteChallenge, people all over the country continuously donated an incredible amount of money to these charities in Betty White’s name. 

According to Good News Network, “almost 400,000 people used Facebook and Instagram to donate to the challenge, raising an incredible $12.7 million dollars for animal shelters and rescuers all over the country—with 100% of the pledges going directly to the organizations. Two Philadelphia shelters brought in $100,000; a Los Angeles zoo charity got $70,000; an Arkansas shelter was flooded with over $12,000; and Dubuque, Iowa shelters received $13,000.”


Betty White served on the Board of Directors for the charity, Actors and Others for Animals, which was established in 1971 to “provide proper care for and prevent the inhumane treatment and destruction of animals.” Eager to support the cause early on, Betty White used the power of her celebrity to spread awareness of the charity and brought much needed help to animals in shelters all over the country. In 2011, Actors and Others for Animals established the Betty White Inspiration Award in her honor. After launching a campaign for donors to give $100 in honor of Betty White’s 100th birthday, the charity raised over $25,000 and has expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support. 

A hero in many ways for many people, including animals, Betty White has certainly changed the lives of those she was able to help. In a video celebrating her 100th birthday, filmed just days before she passed away, Betty White expressed a heartwarming thank you to all those who have loved and supported her throughout the years. The outpouring of support for Betty White and her most passionate cause speaks to the extraordinary legacy she leaves behind of compassion, generosity, kindness, and of course, comedy. As animal shelters across the country continue to be blessed with generous donations in honor of Betty White, she continues to make an incredible impact improving the lives of animals, a cause very dear to her heart. 


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