Annual ‘See You At The Pole’ Prayer Event Sparks Passion for Faith on College Campuses

Credit: See You At The Pole

College students across the nation are gathering today in prayer as part of the annual See You At The Pole (SYATP) prayer event, according to CBN News. Praying for their friends, schools, communities, country, and those who have not yet found God, the students participating in the event are helping to spread God’s love in hopes of reaching those who need to feel it most. 

According to CBN News, “this year’s theme is ‘A Flame’ which comes from Romans 12:11-12 and encourages students to be passionate about serving the Lord, no matter the challenges they face.” Noting the difficulties facing youth across the nation including isolation, depression, and anxiety that escalated as a result of the pandemic, the prayer event serves as a reminder and message to many that God is there for them. 


Doug Clark, the National Field Director of SYATP, told CBN News that it is important to pray for youth as they navigate the heavy emotions that they may be feeling. While there are many influences on youth, the influence of faith is what they need the most to find the strength, hope, and motivation to keep moving forward and get through any challenge. Clark also shared that, historically, many “awakenings” in our country have been led by youth and as they embrace faith, it is crucial that they hold on to it and never lose their passion. 

One participant of the event spoke a powerful prayer that sent a meaningful message. According to CBN News, a student named Brayden from Kansas said, “know that God is using you to be a light at your campus and a light to everyone you meet…Be patient as you pray for change at your school. God is working even when we can’t see it. Pray for all the things you want to see differently on your campus and trust in God that it will happen in His time and not in your time.”


Through the many prayers said at the See You At The Pole event, people can find hope for the future, strength in challenging times, and peace as they feel God’s love grow in their hearts. The students who have embraced God and are encouraging others to do the same are spreading a powerful message that washes away many of the negative influences that find their way onto college campuses. As students are reminded or learn that they can turn to God through prayer, lives can be changed, and in some cases, saved. 

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