‘Bank Your Vote’ Initiative Receives Major Support From Key Republican Leaders

Credit: shutterstock

According to an exclusive from Breitbart, former President Donald Trump, who is leading in the GOP primary polls for the 2024 election, is among the Republican leaders backing the Republican National Committees’ “Bank Your Vote” initiative to get as many Republicans as possible to vote early.

Breitbart reports, “the RNC program encourages Republicans to engage in early voting in-person, absentee and mail voting, and ballot harvesting where legal.”


Trump suggested that Republicans must “beat the Democrats at their own game,” and this means getting ballots and casting votes earlier. Despite believing that same-day voting would be best for the country, Trump argued that right now, Republicans have to “fight like the Democrats do under the current rules,” and he intends to change the voting laws if he assumes the office again.  

The “Bank Your Vote” initiative was announced in early June with party leaders supporting the effort. The initiative will include identifying Republicans who would be likely to vote early and using “strategic messaging” and digital communications with Republican voters nationwide. 


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