Baylor Head Coach Inspires Athletes With New Book About ‘J.O.Y.’

Credit: Baylor Men's Basketball

Baylor University men’s basketball coach Scott Drew shared how faith influences his team and unites them with the strength they find through God. In an interview with The Christian Post, Drew explained his motivation for writing his new book, The Road to J.O.Y.: Leading with Faith, Playing with Purpose, Leaving a Legacy. In his book, Drew discusses the impact of COVID-19 and how it brought his team closer together and closer to God. 

The “J.O.Y.” in Drew’s book title is an acronym for “Jesus, Others, Yourself.” Drew told The Christian Post, “if you put Jesus first and others second, it’s just like it says in the Bible … love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. If you have that order right, then life is a lot more rewarding, fulfilling, and people want to be around you a lot more, that’s for sure.”


Drew shared that he grew up in an athletic household, but Christ always came first. It was his faith that led Drew to become the head coach at Baylor in 2002 as the team was “navigating a series of scandals, including drugs and even murder.” Drew explained that though a journey can be overwhelming, “if you go where God’s called you to go,” it is where you should be, noting that God knows what is best for each person. Being able to make a difference and be a positive influence for others is part of life’s journey here on Earth, according to Drew. He added that getting through challenges is how he has grown, and as a coach, he helps his team do the same. 

In The Road to J.O.Y., Drew shares inspirational messages that are encouraging to readers. According to The Christian Post, Drew wrote “when you have what seems like an impossible task, don’t forget to ask Jesus to make the impossible possible.” He explained that seeking God first brings “power and love and self-control” instead of fear. In sports, Drew says that it is all about remembering that God loves us no matter whether the game is won or lost which makes it easier to get through a season of ups and downs, allowing the players to feel and be their best. 


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