Bible App For Kids Celebrates 100 Million Users Worldwide

Credit: Bible App For Kids/Facebook

The ‘Bible App for Kids’ is celebrating its milestone of reaching 100 million users after ten years of existence. According to CBN News, millions of people around the world are using the app which is available in numerous languages to ensure God’s Word can reach as many people as possible. Users have shared that the Bible app has made a tremendous positive impact on their children who are learning about God’s love for them through the app. 

A project of YouVersion, a faith-based app featuring Scripture, goal setting, and reading plans, and OneHope, a faith-based global outreach organization, the ‘Bible App for Kids’ was created specifically for children to help them better understand the Bible by making the stories come to life. The app uses 41 major stories from the Bible. Resources are provided for parents, pastors, and church leaders to facilitate interactive learning with the app. 


YouVersion founder and CEO, Bobby Gruenewald, said “we know that the most important influence in a child’s life is their family. With that in mind, we’re really encouraged to see millions of families around the world choose to turn to the Bible and learn about God together.” 

Rob Hoskins, the president of OneHope, shared that he is seeing children “in every country fall in love with God’s Word” through the Bible app experience. He explained that they are “passionate about equipping the global Church to engage the next generation with interactive stories from the Bible and help lay a foundation for future spiritual growth.”


One user, Melissa Glynn from Life Valley Community Church in San Jose, California shared that the app is a great match for the curriculum for their children’s ministry. She explained that parents have shared feedback that their children are quoting Scripture in their home and they are excited about it. Glynn said she sees firsthand how the app truly is making a difference in the lives of children. 

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