Bible App Launches New Features to Help Church Leaders Expand Spiritual Engagement

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YouVersion, a popular Bible app also known as ‘Bible’, has launched new features to help churches grow and meet the needs of their congregation. According to CBN News, the two new tools – Church Profile and Insights – will help church leaders identify the length to which congregants participate in the church and whether or not they are spiritually engaged. With many churchgoers using apps like ‘Bible’ in place of going to church, it is difficult for church leaders to gauge if their messages are being received. Now, this new data will help connect church leaders with their congregation on a new level that will make everyone’s experience more fulfilling and meaningful. 

According to CBN News, “Church Profile, allows church leaders to create their own space inside YouVersion as a way to connect with people and encourage them to engage in Scripture throughout the week. The feature makes a church discoverable to its attendees and anyone in the YouVersion Community who is looking for a church.” With the tool Insights, “church leaders will gain access to search trends, most highlighted verses, top books of the Bible, and other data that point to people’s felt needs. They will be able to explore global trends and see how people in their area are engaging with Scripture. Additionally, pastors will be able to see aggregated, anonymous data for people who choose to connect with their church in the app. This information can be used to help leaders develop future sermons or the direction of their ministry.”


The app, YouVersion, was started by Bobby Gruenewald in 2008 to help people seek God throughout the day and was designed to be used by everyone. As the world evolves with technology, the flexibility of churches to evolve with it and meet the interests of younger generations is crucial in maintaining a church presence whether it be in a place of worship or through a digital app. Being able to reach those who may not be able to attend church in person or who choose to use one of these apps is helping to keep the Word of God present and prevalent in people’s lives across the globe. 

With YouVersion’s new features, people all around the world who use the app are going to have a better experience that is more fulfilling and personalized. As church leaders begin to understand more about their congregations including their level of engagement, they will be able to better meet the needs of their audience by sharing relevant spiritual messages and offering a meaningful experience as they grow deeper in their faith together. 


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