Biden Admin Exceeds Cap For Number of Asylum Seekers Again

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The Biden administration has exceeded its limit on the number of asylum seekers they would permit to enter the country, according to the Washington Free Beacon. In data obtained from the internal Department of Homeland Security, the Free Beacon discovered that Customs and Border Protection processed 45,403 migrants through the CBP One mobile application in August with an average of 1,465 migrants processed per day. While the number was supposed to be capped at 1,450 per day, the Biden administration has failed to honor that cap for the second month in a row. In July, with the cap at 1,450 per day, the Biden administration still processed 1,473 migrants per day. 

The data also revealed that more than half of the adults granted asylum were men. According to the Free Beacon, “in order to be granted asylum seeker status, migrants must cite a credible fear of political persecution or violence. But single, male migrants often falsely claim to be seeking asylum in order to gain entry to the United States. In 2020, 71 percent of permanent asylum requests were denied by immigration courts.”


The Biden administration has championed the use of the CBP One application as a way to catch up with the backlog of asylum seekers by offering a virtual process. The Biden administration has been heavily scrutinized for their lack of law and order as migrants have surged the southern border, raising serious concerns about America’s security nationwide. 

Rep. Clay Higgins (R- La) is among those who have criticized the app for simply reclassifying migrants so the Biden administration can claim that it is making progress at the southern border, when in reality the migrants enrolled on the app would normally be counted as illegal border crossers. 


Despite the use of the CBP One app, the number of illegal crossings has spiked again in the later summer months to “historically high levels.” The Washington Post reports that law enforcement has arrested more than 130,000 illegal immigrants at the southern border in July and another 177,000 in August. 

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