Biden Angers Netanyahu Allies After Calling Government ‘Extreme’

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President Biden’s comment calling the current Israeli government “the most extreme” is causing outrage among the allies of the government coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In an interview with CNN, Biden’s comments regarding Israel did not go over well with the government which is determined to lead their people based on their wishes, not that of a government overseas. Still, Israel knows the important role the United States has in foreign policy, and they are working to maintain a relationship with the Biden administration despite the administration’s sympathies towards Palestine. 

CBN News reports that members of Netanyahu’s Likud Party were angered by Biden’s comments. Biden disparaged the Israeli government amid its challenging talks with the violent Palestinian Authority in which they are discussing “improving conditions” for Palestine. Journalist Raviv Drucker from Israel’s Channel 13 said “As the Cabinet is convening to discuss improving conditions for the Palestinian Authority – something very difficult for Ministers Smotrich and Ben-Gvir –Netanyahu has been telling them it is all to help win favor with the U.S., which in turn will help bring Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel.”


However, Biden suggested that Israel should not have such high hopes as “there is still a long way to go before normalization with Saudi Arabia.” Biden’s dismissive response to Israel’s efforts is stirring even more anger within the government. Drucker explained that people are saying that Biden is “impudent” and noted that “even President Obama didn’t talk like that.” 

Biden called the Israeli government “extreme” in response to CNN’s Fareed Zakharia’s question regarding why Netanyahu had not yet been invited to the White House. Netanyahu is expected to visit the United States in September to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York in New York. Some see this as an opportunity for Netanyahu and Biden to finally meet, but others are doubtful that a meeting will ever take place. 


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