Biden Pushes for Electric Vehicle Revolution Despite Concerning Consequences

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In his plan to push Americans into a reliance on electric vehicles, President Biden is showing that he is confused on yet another topic. According to the Washington Free Beacon most Americans do not want to use electric cars, but in a new proposal, Biden wants to force automakers to ensure that two-thirds of the vehicles they sell are electric by 2023. With the high costs of electric vehicles being the greatest deterrent among other faults, Biden is ignoring the will of the majority of Americans, and the warning that manufacturing jobs will be lost, as he gives priority to the agenda of environmental activists. 

A new poll revealed that less than one-fifth of Americans are “very likely” to purchase an electric vehicle. Most have cited the expense of electric cars being that they cost on average $10,000 more than gas-powered vehicles. With the Biden administration’s urgency to turn America into a nation running on electric vehicles, the costs are expected to go even higher. 


According to the Free Beacon, “such an aggressive transition to electric vehicles would bring increased costs far beyond the cars’ higher sticker prices. Experts say the United States will need to build more than 2 million charging stations to support an electric vehicle revolution—Biden’s 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provided $7.5 billion to build just 500,000.” 

Additional expensive investments include power grids which will need to be upgraded to meet the demand for charging stations with millions of Americans needing to plug in for an extended period of time. This investment is likely to cost tens of billions of dollars alone. Just in the state of California, it costs $9.3 billion to transition their power grid. 


Biden is trying to sell the electric vehicle “revolution” by claiming it will bring about a “manufacturing boom” and boost economic opportunities for Americans by creating tens of thousands of well-paying jobs across the country. However, labor leaders argue that the opposite will happen, noting that such a transition would eliminate auto industry jobs since electric vehicles take fewer workers to build. 

Whether or not Americans want to become an electric vehicle nation, Biden is not concerned as he moves on with his proposal. With environmental activists pushing hard for their agenda despite its consequences, Americans may have to deal with a very new lifestyle imposed on them if this proposal moves forward. 

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