Biden’s Immigration Policies Leave Migrant Children Abandoned and In Danger

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The Biden administration has caused a child labor crisis with the policies they have enacted safeguarding illegal immigration. According to the Washington Free Beacon, thousands of immigrant children are working illegally in extremely dangerous slaughterhouses, factories, and construction sites. Under Biden’s poor leadership, the Department of Health and Human Services is failing to protect migrant children and holding no accountability for their well-being after entering the United States. 

Migrant children are being forced to work in hazardous conditions not seen in the United States since laws were passed against such child labor over 100 years ago. The Free Beacon compares the conditions to those written about by Upton Sinclair, noting that even these circumstances would “make [him] blush.” It is reported that about two-thirds of these children will work full-time after they are released from government custody. 


After senior officials of the Biden administration were warned of such concerning circumstances, they opted to “halt most worksite immigration enforcement raids, arguing it would protect ‘the dignity of the individual’ and free up resources to focus on ‘unscrupulous employers.’”

While the Department of Health and Human Services is supposed to responsibly place migrant children with guardians, the agency under the Biden administration does not find it their responsibility to ensure that children are protected from abuse and trafficking after they are placed with a sponsor. An official in charge of the Office of Refugee Resettlement recommends that children should call an 800 number for assistance if they find themselves in danger. Leaving children placed in harmful circumstances is one of Biden’s plans for dealing with migration, as is losing contact with over 85,000 migrant children. 


It is uncertain why the Biden administration finds such circumstances acceptable for migrant children. While they attack the former president’s immigration policies, which included trying to stop the smuggling of migrant children over the border, calling his actions “cruel” and “inhumane,” one may argue that the Biden administration’s policies are not exactly warm and welcoming to children. 

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