British Hero Transports Vulnerable Ukrainians Across the Polish Border

Credit: Shutterstock

Roman Tymchyshyn is a British hero to many Ukrainian refugees. He has taken one month of leave from his work to help transport vulnerable Ukrainians across the Polish border, according to Mirror. Saving the lives of pregnant women, the disabled, the elderly, and newborns among others, Tymchyshyn is driving them to safety in his black cab. 

Tymchyshyn drives around 300 miles a day across the Polish-Ukrainian border with his wife to get people in need out of danger. Since February 28, he has driven 2,800 miles in his cab and has transported around 80 people. Tymchyshyn shared that most of the people he transports do not talk much while they drive, but they do pray. Fitting up to six passengers in his car, many have been separated from family and are finding some comfort being with others who have experienced the same heartache. 


Hoping to expand his efforts, Tymchyshyn is trying to buy a second-hand 4×4 SUV “that can be used to evacuate injured civilians on the battlefield,” with the help of his sister who lives in north London. They have set a goal to raise £3,000 to purchase the SUV, and will donate any remaining funds on other necessary supplies. Tymchyshyn is also assisting the war effort by donating blood, searching for supplies, and fundraising. 

Humanitarian aid can come in many forms, and the selflessness of individuals like Tymchyshyn who are risking their lives to save others is just one way humanitarian heroes are rising up to help their neighbors. Repeatedly heading into danger to get vulnerable people out, Tymchyshyn is giving Ukrainians, and the world, hope and faith in humanity. 


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