Brooke Shields Surprises People on the Streets of NYC With Flowers

Credit: Beginning Is Now

On Act of Kindness day, actress and former top model Brooke Shields handed out yellow flowers to people at Madison Square Park in New York City, according to the Daily Mail. Her thoughtful gesture brought much joy, happiness, and even tears to recipients who gratefully accepted the flowers. During such uncertain and difficult times, Shields’ gift meant even more as it reminded people that kindness does exist in the world, and though it may not always be seen, it is always there. 

Giving a gift from her heart, Shields made a difference in the lives of the people who received flowers from her on February 17, Act of Kindness day. Opting to give yellow roses, and wearing a yellow sweater, Shields delivered a ray of sunshine to brighten their day. Alongside some of her staff from her nonprofit, Beginning Is Now, Shields embodied its mission through her act of kindness. 


Shields founded Beginning Is Now in 2021, though it is “a brand 56 years in the making.” The nonprofit focuses on building a “growing, global community of women of all ages finding strength, wisdom, optimism, humor, and so much more in each other.” A community for women to share their needs, Beginning Is Now welcomes them to new opportunities as they move forward in their lives. Though beginning anew can be frightening, Beginning Is Now helps women see the opportunities “as energizing, liberating, [and] enriching.” 

With the motto that “every second, every minute, and every day is a chance to begin again,” Shields’ act of kindness represented that spirit. The gift of a beautiful, bright yellow flower is not just a decorative piece, but a gift that reaches into the hearts of those who received it. Looking at the flower, recipients are reminded that brighter days are ahead, that kindness exists in the world, and for some, receiving that flower may have been the start of their new beginning. 


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