‘Builders for Christ’ With 1,000 Volunteers Will Help Build Ohio Church

Credit: Shutterstock

Builders for Christ is a national nonprofit that has built 80 churches across America in 41 years with the work of volunteers. According to Dayton Daily News, this year, they are building an 18,000-square-foot expansion onto University Baptist Church in Beavercreek, Ohio. The incredible volunteer workforce includes teams representing 85 churches around the country who will volunteer over the course of 15 weeks between May and August to complete the project. Pastor Jason Wing of University Baptist Church shared that he is amazed at the selflessness of volunteers to take a week of their summer to work on this project to help build the extension on his church. 

University Baptist Church, which is 54 years old, currently has space for 200 people in their facility, but with their congregation growing to 800 people in the last four years, they need to add space to accommodate them. Included in the project is space that will “be able to seat 740 people, and will include classrooms for students, a commercial-grade church kitchen, audiovisual equipment and dressing rooms for baptism.” The project, which will be completed through volunteer work, is worth $1.25 million in labor costs.


According to Dayton Daily News, “[Builders for Christ] averages construction of two churches a year, and volunteers and projects include Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, non-denominational churches, and others.” The Beavercreek project is one the largest ones the nonprofit has undertaken. The founder of Builders for Christ, Alabama architect Lawrence Corley, explained that this is his “spiritual hobby” and believes in doing God’s work regardless of denomination. 

Expressing his gratitude, Pastor Wing is appreciative of the work volunteers from across the country are doing for his congregation. Noting their generosity, he is looking forward to giving back next summer when their church members can help another congregation build their church. 


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