Candace Cameron Bure Defines Difference Between Joy and Happiness With Kirk Cameron

Credit: Candace Cameron Bure

On a recent episode of Kirk Cameron’s series Takeaways, his sister, Candace Cameron Bure discussed how her strong dependence on faith brings her great joy and happiness, and defined the difference between the two words. According to CBN News, defining joy as a “goodness that comes from inside,” Bure added that happiness is “conditionally based.” In response to Kirk’s inquiry about where people can find joy, Bure shared that it comes from believing in God and reading the Bible. 

The popular actress known for her work in ‘Full House’ and being the icon of Hallmark’s Christmas entertainment, Bure explained that she finds joy “as a believer” and it comes from God. She added that she finds peace with God knowing that he is always with her and that her future is in Heaven. When circumstances are difficult, Bure shared that she focuses on her relationship with the Lord and is able to maintain her focus on what is most important. Reading the Bible, she shared, is so important as it allows one to “spend time in God’s Word,” which is encouraging, renewing, and a reminder that God’s Word is the truth. 


The entertainment industry can be stressful, but Bure explained that when she feels overwhelmed, she finds time for quiet, stillness, and prayer. In the business of entertainment, Bure explained that it is important to stay humble, especially when awards, ratings, and fame can make one lose sight of what is important. Noting what keeps the iconic actress grounded, Bure explained that finding a supportive and faithful church community is also important and can help get people through tough times. 

The most important thing of all Bure shared is to pray, and not as a last resort, but as the start. Prayer is the way we communicate with God, and maintaining that connection deepens our relationship with Him as we open our hearts and minds. Bure shared that even if one may feel unhappy given a particular circumstance, they can always feel joy because joy, which is found in one’s relationship with God, is always constant. 


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