Candace Cameron Bure Discusses Christian Values of GAF Christmas Movies

Credit: Shutterstock

Candace Cameron Bure, the Chief Content Officer of Great American Family (GAF), recently shed more light in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on why this network is a better fit for her after leaving Hallmark. According to Faithwire, Bure’s interest in creating family-friendly entertainment aligns with that of GAF as both want to promote faithful values in their programming. 

Discussing her new role with GAF, Bure said, “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.” Although Bure did not publicly denounce Hallmark, which is releasing a movie about two men falling in love with each other, she noted differences between the two networks, particularly that GAF will feature “traditional marriages.” Part of GAF’s successful messaging, Bure shared, is based on the meaningful stories they have created that celebrate family and faithful values. 


GAF is releasing 18 new original Christmas films this year, with one starring Bure herself called ‘A Christmas…Present.’ Bure shared that she wants everyone to be able to enjoy GAF’s line up of Christmas movies from believers to those who may not believe at all or have a different faith. She hopes the tasteful entertainment will appeal to families, helping them to create a positive atmosphere with positive influences in their households. 

Although Bure faced criticism from mainstream media and others over her creative decisions, she remains a strong pillar of faith for religious and traditional communities. Without her and GAF’s efforts to create family-friendly and faith-friendly entertainment, the options for watching these popular Christmas movies with Christian influences would be few and far between. 


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