CBN News Launching Podcast to ‘Point People Toward God’

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CBN News is launching a podcast to give listeners a Christian perspective of the top headlines. According to Faithwire, the podcast called ‘Quick Start’ will be led by host Dan Andros and co-hosts Billy Hallowell and Tré Goins-Phillips along with special reporting from John Stolnis and Madison Seal. Beginning on Monday, June 13, new episodes will broadcast each day at 7 a.m. 

The purpose of the podcast is to help listeners “understand the times we live in and always be prepared to engage with the world and point people toward God,” according to Andros. He added that as Christians, it’s not enough to complain about the news, it is important to explain “why the news matters to believers.” Goins-Phillips further explained that as believers, we “hand our burdens to God,” adding that the podcast gives participants and their audience an opportunity to learn together with a “joyful heart.” 


Faithwire describes the podcast as a summary of the leading news with each episode featuring an in-depth focus story. Helping listeners build deeper understanding, ‘Quick Start’ encourages them to have a biblical perspective of the news which is essential in coping with news that is burdensome. Faithwire writes “don’t be overwhelmed by the chaos that wreaks headlines across the globe each day. God is still in control through it all.”

With the news making a notable impact on our daily lives and conversations, it is important to keep focusing on God and maintaining a faithful perspective especially while navigating through the difficult stories. Not just knowing the news, but understanding the news with God at the center, CBN’s ‘Quick Start’ podcast is changing the way listeners approach topics and stories that are covered as they process them on their own and with others. 


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