CBN’s ‘Superbook’ Brings Hope and God’s Love to Ukrainian Refugee Children

Credit: Superbook

The Filipino team of Superbook, CBN’s interactive entertainment program to teach children about the Bible and grow their relationship with Christ, is bringing hope to Ukrainian refugee children. According to CBN News, the Filipino Superbook team traveled to Poland bringing their mascot Gizmo, to help lift the spirits of the children and give them a fun-filled experience with the help of Superbook’s Ukraine team. Along with enjoyable activities, Superbook is bringing the Word of God to children and reminding them that they are not alone as they cope with the war that has struck their homeland. 

The head of Superbook Philippines, Icko Gonzalez, brought Gizmo along with them to “create happier memories” for the children. Gonzalez explained that they do not know how the children will receive them, so he shares smiles, hugs, and shows them love to let them know that they are cared for while being sensitive to the fact that the children had to say goodbye to close family members and their homes. 


According to CBN News, one young boy named Roma, who left Ukraine with his mother and sister while his father stayed behind to fight, believes he is the man of the family and has maintained a brave face during the crisis. Roma, like many other children, are carrying the burden of a war-torn homeland on their shoulders, and Superbook is bringing them the much-needed message that God is with them and giving them strength. Rylowa, Roma’s mother, shared with CBN that her son was eager to share what he learned from Superbook with his family, and he also learned how not to be shy and forgive people. 

On behalf of the children who watched Superbook’s animated movie and played games, Rylowa thanked the team noting that somehow they helped the children forget their worries about their circumstances, adding that “it makes them happy to see all of this and to continue living with hope.” While the effects of war and being refugees leaves a devastating impact on children, reminding them of God’s love gives them faith, hope, and confidence as they move forward knowing that they are not alone, but with the strength of God. 


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