Child Cancer Survivor Gives Hope and Gets a Dream Come True

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One brave little girl who has shown her peers what it means to be strong, optimistic, and grateful, is now having her dreams come true. According to WAFB, At just ten years old, Avery Jobe defeated cancer after undergoing surgery and eighteen weeks of chemotherapy at the St. Jude Clinic inside Our Lady of the Lake Children’s hospital. Though her experience was challenging, she made it through and is an inspiration to her peers and children everywhere. 

Avery’s classmates were incredibly supportive of her, and one student in particular helped make her dream come true. State Trooper Chase Huval heard about Avery’s experience from his son who attends the same school. As the local chapter president of the Louisiana State Trooper’s Association, which is a non-profit organization that provides support for kids or families in need, he began making connections with other organizations who could help grant Avery’s wish to go to Disney World. Partnering with Dreams Come True and the Bella Bowman Foundation, planning the trip to Disney World was underway. 


Avery was battling a rare kidney cancer known as a Wilms tumor, which could quickly spread. Throughout her treatment of chemotherapy, Avery lost her hair and struggled with the challenging side effects. As rough as this experience was, Avery’s parents shared that she never complained during the treatment, and her mother hopes she can be as strong as her daughter should something ever happen to her. There were times when Avery could only spend half a day at school, but her friends continuously lifted her up and supported her throughout her treatment. 

During a school assembly, students gathered together in the gymnasium surrounded by Louisiana’s State Troopers. Trooper Huval began speaking to them about the incredible community they have that has been so supportive of Avery whose bravery and perseverance has made her a role model for her peers. Together, with a few Disney characters, the State Troopers made Avery’s wishes come true as they presented to her a weeklong trip to Disney World with her family. Certainly overwhelmed and overjoyed by this act of kindness, Avery and her family felt proud to belong to such a gracious community. Her mother shared that they knew the community would be supportive, but this was way more than she had ever imagined.


When children are battling cancer, the experience for the family is undoubtedly terrifying, but children have a miraculous way of finding their strength. Avery’s courage and determination to overcome cancer, along with the support of her community, makes her story one that can change the lives and perspectives of many people. Avery and her family are surely celebrating her full recovery, and now they can spend a joyous time together in the place where dreams come true and beautiful memories are made to last a lifetime.

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