Children’s Nurse Paints Hospital Windows With Colorful Artwork

Credit: Shutterstock

At St. David’s Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas, one nurse is using her artistic talent to bring joy and comfort to young patients who are in the pediatric intensive care unit. According to Southern Living, Ly Truong, a clinical nurse coordinator, began painting illustrations on her patients’ windows to bring color, happiness, and familiarity to their rooms during the pandemic. Truong hopes that her artwork inspires the young patients and helps them find their own fun and creativity. 

Using paint and chalk markers, Truong paints incredible murals of patients’ favorite characters from television, movies, and books. Some requests have included “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, minions from Despicable Me, PAW Patrol puppies, and Sesame Street characters.” Usually painting at night while patients are asleep, Truong’s work allows them to wake up to friendly and familiar faces that brighten their room and lift their spirits. 


In an interview with KVUE, Truong shared that it is nice for the children to be able to make a choice while they are in the hospital. So much of their days are filled with taking different medicines, doctor visits, and remaining stuck in their room or limited to what things they can do. Through asking them which character(s) they would like to see on their windows, Truong is helping her patients escape the drab and repetitive days they spend in the room by allowing their imaginations to bring them to a place they love. 

With how much cheer she has brought to her own patients, Truong is hoping to reach even more with her colorful artwork. She hopes to brighten up even more parts of the hospital by creating a large-scale mural. Her work as a compassionate nurse and artist is making a difference in the lives of her young patients who need their days to be brighter. Seeing the artwork of familiar and favorite characters, Truong’s patients are feeling a warmth in their heart that brings them great motivation and happiness. 


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