Chris Stapleton Joins Clean Up Crews, Raises Money in Wake of Kentucky Flooding

Credit: Shutterstock

Country star Chris Stapleton has made his way once again to his home state of Kentucky in the wake of severe flooding that has devastated the eastern part of the state. According to Southern Living, Stapleton is pitching in to help relief efforts by raising money and helping clean up crews on the ground. Kentucky has been through a lot in the past few months with natural disasters that have brought pain and suffering to residents, but with the compassion of people like Stapleton and those who rushed to Kentucky to help, they have brought hope and healing to the people of Kentucky. 

Stapleton is collecting donations through his Outlaw State of Kind fund which donates money to the Kentucky Red Cross and the Appalachia Crisis Fund which are just two organizations on the ground providing disaster relief and recovery assistance. Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind fund was established in 2016 with his wife Morgane to support causes “close to their heart.” Back in April, Stapleton hosted a concert alongside Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson that raised $1 million for his Outlaw State of Kind Hometown fund. 


Southern Living reports that in addition to raising money, Stapleton was believed to have been spotted buying supplies at a local Walmart, and Knott County Schools shared a photo to their Facebook page of him cleaning up homes affected by the flooding. Fans of Stapleton’s took to Twitter to express their gratitude for his efforts, especially noting how heartwarming it was that he has shown up to be there with them. 

Being on the ground, Stapleton is showing the people of his home state that he genuinely cares about their lives and their recovery. With a big heart, Stapleton has brought hope to the people of Kentucky who admire his genuine compassion and appreciate his commitment to doing everything possible to aid relief efforts. As the people of Kentucky continue to recover from the devastation caused by the catastrophic flooding, it is humbling and inspiring to see everyone from all walks of life come together to help one another in this great time of need. 


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