Christian Missionaries Help Ukrainians Prepare For a Difficult Winter

Credit: A Jesus Mission

As Ukrainians brace for a challenging winter with Russian missiles targeting critical infrastructure, American missionaries are stepping up to help keep Ukrainians warm. According to CBN News, the missionaries from ‘A Jesus Mission’ are driving all the supplies they can provide into Ukraine where people are suffering. Although they are entering an active war zone, the volunteers are willing to do whatever it takes to save Ukrainians from the trials of the harsh winter weather.

According to their website, ‘A Jesus Mission’ was formed to “equip the found, find the lost, and unite the mission.” Tyler Ryals, who is part of ‘A Jesus Mission’ shared with CBN News, “a couple of us got a harebrained idea and said, ‘Hey, let’s buy some vans and see what happens.’ And now we have seven vans and we’ve had 40 drivers come out so far and it’s been awesome.” Ryals added, “I’m a nobody, we’re nobodies. We don’t have qualifications, we’re just trying to fill that gap however we can, with food, water and wood stoves.”


In Ukraine, Russian attacks are causing rolling blackouts, and although teams are working hard to restore what they can, the threat of continuous attacks looms. Kyiv District Mayor Dmitro Ratnikov explained that Russia is not just targeting military objects, but targeting civilians by taking away their water, light, and heat just before the arrival of winter. Survival through the winter on top of the threat from Russian attacks has elevated the difficulties already facing Ukrainians. 

Although the risk of driving directly into a war-zone is enormous, these American missionaries are not afraid to undertake such a task to help their brothers and sisters knowing that the Lord is with them. Ryals said, “ultimately we believe that God’s just led us to do this, and that His promise isn’t to keep us alive, it’s to be with us.”  With strong prayers and faith, the people of Ukraine and the missionaries from ‘A Jesus Mission’ are holding onto hope that Ukrainains will get through the winter and the war altogether. 


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