Christian Video Game Company Grows Influence Through NFTs

Credit: TruPlay Games

The Christian video game company TruPlay is joining the world of crypto with the launch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to Christianity Today. This new venture is bringing Christian entertainment into the forefront of culture as its entrance into the crypto world is helping to increase its popularity. Though there is some uncertainty about the measure of success with cryptocurrencies, being part of the scene is one way to get publicity for Christian companies and spread their influence around the world. 

According to Christianity Today “last month, designs of Maple, [a character in the video game RhymVerse] and six other characters were sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by TruPlay.” The CEO and founder of TruPlay, Brent Dusing, explained that “NFTs like Maple are digital art pieces that can be bought and sold. When they are bought, the rights to that unique piece of art are transferred to the new owner.” 


Christianity Today reports that “while TruPlay sold the NFTs for free, consumers then sold, bought, and traded them after that, with the company earning 10 percent of these transactions. The secondary sales of the NFTs yielded more than $200,000 in volume on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. In the first 24 hours of sales, the company placed in the Top 10 on OpenSea globally.”

TruPlay’s mission is to build a “beautiful, fun, world-class entertainment platform which invites children into a world of hope and God’s truth,” according to their website. Their values include God’s truth, fun, excellence, beauty, and stewardship.


Dusing shared his excitement with TruPlay’s success in the market, noting that it is a promising outlook for Christian companies to grow their influence. Although the success and future of NFTs is uncertain, joining the crypto world allows Christian organizations to, at the very least, use the platform as a fundraising and promotional tool. Some suggest having a presence in the cultural hub is important for Christian companies so that they can engage with and be relevant in communities worldwide.

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