Church Celebrates ‘Love Week’ by Volunteering Throughout Their Community

Credit: Beds for Kids

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Elevation Church is sending volunteers all over the city to help those in need, according to WBTV. During what they call ‘Love Week,’ which started this past weekend and ends July 30, church members reach out to assist local organizations focused on helping community members meet their needs. From building and planting to painting and feeding, volunteers are lending a helping hand and giving hope to their neighbors as they receive the blessed gift of compassion and thoughtfulness from others. 

One organization Love Week volunteers are working with is Beds for Kids, a nonprofit focused on helping families in need get furniture such as beds, dressers, couches, and more. Beds for Kids accepts furniture donations then cleans and repairs each piece before delivering it to a family. Since 2011, Beds for Kids has delivered 17,000 beds, served 6,000 families, and delivered over 160,000 furniture units. 


Volunteers are also serving food at the Crisis Assistance Ministry, serving grab-and-go breakfasts to local police officers, and doing beautification projects at local elementary schools. Their work during Love Week has no bounds as volunteers spread their generosity and kindness throughout the community where they see a need for their assistance. 

Love Week is not just celebrated in Charlotte, North Carolina, but has spread around the globe through organizations they have partnered with to make an impact. Though their outreach efforts are a great focus of this yearly event, Elevation Church and their partners give all year round to those in need. Continuously there for their community, volunteers are not only helping organizations get their work done, but they are spreading God’s love bringing faith and hope to those in need. 


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