Church Donates $1 Million to Flight Ministry After Plane Was Destroyed by Rioters

Credit: Agape Flights

Agape Flights, a ministry that brings critical resources to missionaries in the Caribbean, just received a miraculous blessing in the wake of losing one of their two delivery planes. According to ABC Action News, on a trip delivering supplies to Haiti, an Agape Flights plane that was mistaken for that of a politician’s was attacked by rioters. A few weeks later, after learning that their plane was destroyed, Faith Life Church in Sarasota and Branson, Missouri gave Agape Flights $1 million to help them replace the plane. 

The CEO of Agape Flights, Allen Speer, shared that throughout the experience, he held onto faith knowing that “God is in control.” When his prayers were answered, he explained that he wept upon receiving the generous gift, noting that thousands of people who have never heard of Agape Flights were guided towards giving to them. In addition to the $1 million donation, Agape Flights received an extra $600,000 which was enough to allow them to buy a plane for which Speer expressed tremendous gratitude. 


According to their website, Agape Flights was founded by Keith and Clara Starkey in 1980 when they delivered their first load of donated emergency supplies to about 25 missionary families in Haiti. They chose the Greek word for love “agape” to be the namesake of their ministry out of “the unconditional love [God] has for each of us.” Today, Agape Flights is a “lifeline” to more than 300 missionary families in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. 

This act of kindness from the people of Faith Life Church brought joy and relief into the hearts of those working with Agape Flights and the missionaries they serve. The flight-based ministry is now able to replace the plane they lost and have their two planes back to deliver the critical supplies to the missionaries. Speer shared that despite the incident, the missionaries will continue helping the people of Haiti and the flights will also continue to ensure all receive the sustenance they need to do their work. 


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