Church Donates Snacks to Show Police Officers Support and Appreciation

Credit: Shutterstock

One Alabama church is giving back to their local police departments by letting their officers know how much they are appreciated. According to The Outlook, Church of God’s Grace in Dadeville donated hundreds of snacks to the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office and the Dadeville Police Department as a show of support and gratitude. The pastor of Church of God’s Grace, David Waldrop, shared that recognizing the service and dedication of police officers is important because they do so much for the community. 

Waldrop shared that he personally has seen the police departments go beyond the call of duty. The church recently partnered with them to hold a blood drive for the community. In response to all that the police departments do, Waldrop said that “we appreciate them and this is really one of the callings of the church which is to meet needs where we see them.” 


Giving refreshments to the police officers while on patrol, Waldrop hopes that the gesture will “give them something to enjoy” and remind them that their hard work and commitment to keeping the community safe is wholeheartedly appreciated. The church-wide effort to collect and distribute the snacks was fully embraced by the congregation, and delivering the food brought great joy to both church members and the police officers. 

Showing police officers that they are thought of, cared for, and appreciated while they put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities is a crucial factor in building support. Thinking about members of the community who could use love and compassion, Church of God’s Grace recognized the dedication of local law enforcement to not only keep their community safe, but to help aid them in times of need and partnering with the church to do so. As with any act of kindness, putting a smile on someone’s face can go a long way and make a difference not just in the moment, but in their life. 


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