Church Hosts School Supply Drive for Children in Kentucky

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The children of Dawson Springs, Kentucky received a special gift this week as they prepared to go back to school after tornadoes devastated the area in December. According to 14 News, First Baptist Church hosted organizations that donated essential school supplies to the children including backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, binders, folders, pencil cases, and more. Receiving these necessary supplies has surely lifted the spirits of the children and will make them more confident upon their return to school.

Among the donations were 300 backpacks from HR Ministries which children filled with the supplies that were spread out on the tables. Pastor Trent Keeton shared that these donations have made a tremendous impact on the children and the community that has been in recovery for a long time. Calculating all that was lost is nearly impossible as the list continuously adds up, but recognizing that children returning to school also lost their materials has been an important factor in helping the community rebuild. As schools try to pick up the pieces from where they left off, helping them replenish their supplies will provide a source of relief to the numerous challenges they will be handling as students and teachers return to the classroom. 


While children were picking up their supplies, Cajun Cooks Disaster Response from Louisiana served hot meals to them and their families, making the experience all the more heartwarming. The church also hosted a meeting for the community with “city and county officials, school officials, members of FEMA and the Small Business Loan Association” to respond to any questions that members of the community may have regarding the recovery process. 

After deadly tornadoes devastated Dawson Springs, many were left with nothing. According to CNN, 75 percent of the town was wiped out and about one third of the population have limited financial resources. The recovery efforts include but are not limited to rebuilding homes, businesses, repairing power outages, and clearing debris, but the emotional recovery will remain difficult for those who experienced losses that cannot be repaired or replaced. 


This act of kindness and outreach from the church and the organizations that joined the effort is inspirational. After experiencing such a traumatic situation, especially for children, people can feel lost, helpless, and oftentimes hopeless. However, when communities come together to support one another in times of need, optimism and hope dominate the atmosphere as faith prevails with prayer and God’s blessings. The children of Dawson Springs, Kentucky will return to school feeling good and being prepared, which are two essential parts of the recipe for success. 

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