Church Program Individualizes Donations for Families in Need

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The Pincher Creek Chinook Bible Church is reaching out to families in need in a revolutionized way of giving, individualizing the donations to provide exactly what each family needs. According to The Pincher Creek Echo, through a program called “Adopt a Family,” each family is “adopted” for one month, and during that time church members donate items that a family in need has requested. The families who receive the assistance remain anonymous, but their needs are shared with the compassionate church community. 

Pastor Shane Rushton of the Chinook Bible Church shared that he was inspired to create this program to better serve the needs of his community in a meaningful and more helpful way. Explaining the process, Pastor Rushton shared that after a family is chosen, he meets with them and discusses their needs. Together, they make a list of the items which usually include food, clothing, and household products in addition to pet food and other specific needs. A family with children may share how many children they have and their clothing sizes along with any food allergies or issues. Though they work with one family per month now, Pastor Rushton is hoping to receive enough donations to work with several families each month.


Noting that families in need are always appreciative of any help they receive, this program allows them to receive items individualized to their family as opposed to getting a basket of random items. Pastor Rushton explained that it is a kind gesture to provide a family with desirable items that they could use instead of only giving old and stained t-shirts. He stated, “from my perspective just because a family is struggling or going through a hard time that doesn’t mean that they desire to live less than anybody else.”

By “adopting” a family for one month, Pastor Rushton said that it helps the family get back on their feet by relieving some of the stress they have obtaining everyday items. When donations fit their needs, families are able to focus on other aspects that could help launch them forward and possibly overcome their struggles. He also noted that families often refrain from asking for help due to the stigma surrounding those seeking it, but he explains that he doesn’t see this as charity, nor does he look at it as those who have a lot helping those who have a little. Instead, he views it as a blessing to help a family who may be going through a hard time. With this perspective, the acts of giving and receiving hold new meanings as generosity is not defined by sympathy and sorrow, but by humanity and kindness. 


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