Church Provides Refuge for Families of Hostages During Intense Negotiations

Credit: Good Shepherd Catholic Community Church, Colleyville, Texas

The congregation of Good Shepherd Catholic Community Church came to the aid of family members who were nervously waiting for relief from a hostage situation, according to The Jerusalem Post. On Saturday morning, an armed man held four individuals hostage at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas who were released later that day. Upon learning about the dire situation, the church opened its doors for the families so they could have a safe place to wait for the frightening ordeal to come to an end. 

During the eleven hours of police and FBI negotiations, the terrified family members were cared for by the staff of Good Shepherd Catholic Community Church located just north of the synagogue. From about 11am to midnight, the families were comforted and fed by the incredible community who stepped up to be there for their neighbors in a desperate time of need. 


Father Mike Higgins, the priest from the church, praised the community effort during the following Sunday’s morning Mass. He informed his congregation that shortly after the hostages were taken, the police contacted the church seeking refuge for the families which they wholeheartedly agreed to provide. Father Higgins shared his gratitude for having a community of church staff and ministry that truly came together to support their neighbors throughout the frightening ordeal. By staying at the church, the families were able to have some time to themselves, and be surrounded by those praying for the safety of their loved ones.

Noting that it is important to recognize the good that exists in the world, Father Higgins expressed his appreciation for the compassion and tenderness that was extended to the families of the hostages. When neighbors are in need, communities come together to support each other and in doing so spread hope and faith to all. In this case, Good Shepherd Catholic Community Church not only welcomed their neighbors in need with a safe place to stay, but the staff and ministry remained by their side, praying and caring for them during the most difficult hours. 


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