Churches Prepare to Help Californians as Deadly Flooding Forces Evacuations

Credit: shutterstock

Churches in California are preparing to open their doors to their neighbors who are being forced to evacuate their homes due to the severe flooding that has devastated communities up and down the coast. According to CBN News, California has seen 36 inches of rain since Christmas, and the floods have taken the lives of at least 17 people. The record flooding has damaged people’s homes and left many with nowhere to turn, and churches are standing as a refuge for those in need.

Pastor Alan Cross of Petaluma Valley Baptist Church joined CBN’s Faith Nation to discuss the crisis and the role churches have now and in the coming days. Cross said, “they’re just standing ready to help and open up for evacuations if needed and checking on their folks,” adding that he thinks “the main thing is just praying for people to be aware of their neighbors and to have compassion. That really is the role of the church is to see people in need, connecting with others, and just being that refuge where we can join hands together as a community.”


With storms expected to continue next week, President Biden has declared California to be in a state of emergency. California Governor Gavin Newsom shared, “we’ve had less people die in the last two years of major wildfires in California than have died since New Year’s Day related to this weather.”

As rescue crews continue to risk their own lives to save others, prayers are needed for all involved. The top priority for Californians is that these storms stop and that the people are kept safe. Still, many have already lost loved ones, some are still missing, and many have been displaced, and churches are preparing their resources to offer them the refuge and help they need. 


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