Churches Raise Money For ‘Harvest of Talents’ to Feed the Hungry Worldwide

Credit: Harvest of Talents for World Hunger

Churches are coming together to feed the hungry around the world through Harvest of Talents, a program of the International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES). According to the Christian Standard, participating churches raised nearly $200,000 to support the IDES Harvest of Talents which has feeding programs set up worldwide to provide nourishment to those who need it most in countries including India, Kenya, Thailand, Romania, Egypt, and Israel. 

Harvest of Talents is a unique project of IDES that supports underprivileged people throughout the world. The program raises money by auctioning or selling handmade items made by members of the churches and communities that participate. All of the funds raised go to the IDES Harvest of Talents hunger projects. According to the Christian Standard, since Harvest of Talents started 39 years ago, they have contributed over $4 million to the IDES hunger programs. 


According to the Christian Standard, “IDES, which is headquartered in Noblesville, Ind., has five main focus areas around the world: evangelism, disaster response, hunger relief, community development, and medical care. Some of its latest disaster recovery operations include providing aid and coordinating volunteers in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida, helping with recovery from flooding in Eastern Kentucky, and providing 11 shipping containers of aid (food, medical, and personal care items) to Ukraine.”

With the Christmas season here, Harvest of Talents is auctioning off handmade quilts and Christmas ornaments among other items. Auctioning and selling unique items that people want is part of what makes Harvest of Talents successful. With the generosity of participants who create the items and those who purchase them, those who are hungry around the world are not only receiving food, but receiving the gift of hope and faith knowing that there are compassionate people who care about them. 


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