Churches Unite to Bring Warmth to Community as Temperature Drops

Credit: shutterstock

As temperatures drop to below 45 degrees in Gainesville, Florida, local churches are stepping up to help people in need stay warm. Among the places that are offering shelter to the homeless is St. Francis House, according to 4 News. Working alongside St. Francis is a group of volunteers from the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church who are providing blankets to help keep everyone warm inside the church. 

According to St. Francis House’s Chef Nate Porter, one the biggest challenges they have in their shelter is having enough blankets, pillows and warm weather clothes to keep everyone warm through the night. Pastor Michael A. Frazier said that giving blankets to the shelter for the homeless is what they have been “called to do.” Frazier noted that it is a blessing to be able to help others and “to do to others as we would like to be done to us.” 


Gainesville City Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut joined the churches for the blanket giveaway event, noting that as a public servant she is happy to give back and help her neighbors. Residents who received blankets shared their gratitude for the acts of kindness from both churches. One resident said “I enjoy this, this is my Christmas.” 

With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, it is important that the true meaning is not forgotten, and that includes what it means to give to others. As churches open their doors and members open their hearts to those in need, a special gift is given and received by all. With compassion, both churches have joined together to bring the gift of warmth to those in need, and with that gift comes the hope, faith, and love that changes lives. 


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