Church’s Dental Clinic Provides Low-Cost Care to Community

Credit: Mission Outpost Dental Clinic

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville, Minnesota is offering a unique service within its building to provide affordable dental care through its Mission Outpost’s Dental Clinic, according to KARE 11. The clinic began when dentists in the congregation came together to figure out a way that they could give back to their community. The group of dentists determined that they could work together to provide low-cost care to people in need. Since its inception in 2014, the dental clinic has recently expanded to include a waiting room and four dental rooms to serve patients. 

The Director of Outreach for Mission Outpost, Eric Elton, shared that their work is strongly connected to faith. Recognizing that some people in the community have limited finances, Elton added that he and the mission hope that they are able to provide “a place where dignity can happen and that people are comfortable” going for dental care. Elton explained that no matter the service, whether it be filling cavities or getting their teeth cleaned, it only costs patients $20. The affordable cost has been made possible by partnerships with “private dental offices, companies that provide equipment and supplies, the Salvation Army, foundations, and volunteers,” who have generously worked with the mission to help provide for their needs. 


Maria Banks, the manager of the dental clinic, shared that she was drawn to join the service after seeing the need for it and the fact that it was a real solution to address people’s needs. Noting that the work they do is “heart-based,” not “production-based,” Maria and other volunteers are grateful for the opportunity to give back to their community. Elton said that there is a growing need in the community for use of the dental clinic, and he hopes that they will be able to get more volunteers and add more shifts to meet the increased demand. 

With the success of Mission Outpost’s Dental Clinic, they are hoping to expand their care to medical needs. In March, they will partner with a local outreach medical clinic to develop the services that will be provided through the church. Meeting the needs of the community is a passion for the volunteers who are running Mission Outpost at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, and as they look forward to new opportunities for outreach, members of their community are surely optimistic with the hope that their needs will be met with true care and compassion. 


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