City of Dreams Turns to City of Dismay as Influencers Flee

Credit: shutterstock

Influencers who built a following from their time in New York City, arguably the most sought after place on earth for young twenty-somethings, have seen its reality and decided the best decision was to leave. According to the New York Post, influencers found that New York City was not really where they wanted to be after experiencing loneliness within a crowd of citydwellers all “trying to prove something.” Citing a lifestyle that was a far cry from the Sex and the City series that intrigued so many to find their own group of friends with whom to enjoy the city, influencers warned anyone dreaming of going to the city that they will not be waking up on the upper west side walking hand-in-hand with their BFF to pilates carrying the latest Fendi bag. 

TikToker Callie Wilson, who has one million followers on the platform, shared that New York City is “the loneliest feeling place” she has ever been. Wilson said that she understands why native New Yorkers get so frustrated with transplants who try to make the city look more appealing than it really is, citing that the only people who might be able to enjoy it are those with loads of money and privilege. Wilson fled NYC for LA where she said waking up to birds chirping is much more pleasant than blaring car horns. 


Paige Lorenze, an influencer with over 400,000 followers on Instagram, told The Post that she believes the new trend will be young adults seeking a life in the suburbs as opposed to the bustling metropolis. Lorenze claimed that “the suburbs are becoming cool again.” Lorenze left NYC for Connecticut after getting tired of doing things she didn’t want to do just to post content for her social media account. 

As highly popular influencers in the once popular New York City have become disillusioned with the false promise of an amazing city lifestyle as seen on social media and depicted on television, they are beginning to set a new trend. For the sake of a better, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyle, these stylish and youthful influencers are encouraging their followers to live where their dreams can come true, eliminating New York City as an option. 


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