CityServe and Love Has No Limits Helps Texas Churches Distribute $1.6 Million in Aid

Credit: Love Has No Limits/Facebook

Thousands of people in Houston, Texas have received the blessing of kindness and compassion through the generosity of over 250 local outreaches that distributed nearly $1.6 million in aid to those in need funded by CityServe International and Love Has No Limits. According to CBN News, the city-wide movement called 1DayHouston rallied over 96 churches together to support their community. The event was made possible by CityServe International, which believes that local churches provide the best avenue for helping community members in need through their purpose of living out the Gospel, and Love Has No Limits (LHNL), which advocates for uniting communities together to help one another. 

CEO and cofounder of CityServe International, Dave Donaldson, shared that their vision is to make local churches the center of the city or Houston, “offering tangible help, hope, and love.” Donaldson explained that 1DayHouston was critical in rallying support and showing residents the blessings they have among them.


CityServe has been working in Houston since November 2022 by training and equipping local churches with the resources they need to help their communities. Before the 1DayHouston event, the same 96 churches that participated were equipped with $1.86 million worth of goods. According to CBN News, “more than 2,000 families and 7,000 individuals have received personalized assistance with essentials such as food, clothing, cleaning supplies, and furniture with CityServe International.”

The communications director of Love Has No Limits, Ashley Eure, shared that their partnership with CityServe has been a blessing in that it allowed the 1DayHouston movement to be a smashing success and make a lasting impact on the community. Through their social media, Love Has No Limits thanked the volunteers who participated in 1DayHouston, sharing “There’s nothing more powerful than a community coming together to serve.” 


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