Co-Chair of ‘No Labels’ Group Says Why a Centrist Leader is Crucial For America

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The political organization “No Labels” is pushing to unite America through a more centered candidate amid a highly polarizing political climate. Civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin Chavis is co-chair of the national group and says that Americans need a leader who unites the country rather than tear it further and further apart. Chavis spoke with CBN News on what it would mean to have a centrist candidate and why his organization believes it is so important now to find that balance in America. 

No Labels has had a presence on Capitol Hill for years, and through its support and promotion of bipartisan measures, No Labels has helped lawmakers achieve bipartisan success. Despite critics arguing that most Americans have likely already chosen their presidential candidate, Chavis cited poll numbers showing that more and more Americans are looking for someone moderate and with “common sense” to run the country. Both leading candidates, Trump and Biden, tend to veer far into their political corners, and Chavis suggested that moving closer to the middle may help the candidates garner more support. 


Although No Labels is not presenting a third party candidate ticket yet, they are brainstorming ways of moving forward. One such ticket that could be successful, suggested Chavis, would be to have a Republican-Democrat ticket or vice versa. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is believed to be more centered, is building speculation about his involvement as he kicks off an event on Monday in which No Labels will announce their new Common Sense Policy Book for America. 

Chavis, whose experience in politics dates back to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, spoke to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saying, “But the truth of the matter is, a democracy, David, is at its greatest strength when we have more people participating. You know, I think one of the strengths of our democracy is that, yes, we’re diverse. But it’s how we work together, not how we work, different. Togetherness, unity is so so important.”


Echoing Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, Chavis asserted that America needs to be healed and restored with the faith that America has a bright future at which to look forward. Americans need to “hate less and love more,” said Chavis, while noting that Martin Luther King Jr. would “absolutely” have been a supporter of No Labels today. 

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