College Football Star Embraces Faith and Inspires Young Athletes

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University of Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker is spreading the “Word of Jesus Christ” through his position as a star football player and children’s book author. According to Christian Headlines, Hooker has incredible prospects for the NFL, but wished to stay another year with his university team, refraining from putting his name in for the NFL Draft. Hooker, who openly expresses his faith, shared that it is important to make one’s own decisions and be different from everyone else. 

Growing up in a religious household, Hooker learned the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with God through studying the message and Word of Jesus Christ. He shared that he was raised going to many church activities in which a message was always learned through the game. Hooker holds this experience close to him as he continues to share faithful messages throughout his career. Hooker attends events for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, “a community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through influence of coaches and athletes.” He also “prays after practice and encourages teammates in one-on-one conversations.”


In addition to spreading God’s message on the football field, Hooker has also found a way to share it with children. With his brother, Alston, Hooker recently released a comic book titled The ABC’s of Scripture for Athletes, which contains their favorite Bible verses. With their young cousin in mind, the authors created the book so that he would have it to “grow as a learner and grow his relationship with Christ.”

Hooker has been ranked by Sports Illustrated as “a Top 50 prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft and predicts he will be the fifth quarterback chosen.” With the influence he has as a star player, Hooker has used his position to share his faith and how he relies on God to help him move forward. Embracing his faith, and making his own decisions, Hooker is not just a leading football player, but a leading role model for young athletes as well. 


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