Community Learns Sign Language to Engage With Deaf Two-Year-Old Girl

Credit: Shutterstock

In a thoughtful act of kindness, one community has gone the extra mile to make sure each member feels included and welcomed. According to FaithPot, the community of Newton, Massachusetts has taken up learning sign language to be able to communicate with a two-year-old girl, Samantha, who was born deaf. After members of the community recognized Samantha’s desire to communicate with them through sign language, they agreed to learn the language so that they could bring her the joy that comes with being able to communicate with one another. 

In an interview with CBS Evening News, neighbors shared that they wanted to be able to ask Samantha how her day is going and respond to what she tries to tell them. In an effort to make this possible, the community came together on their own and hired an instructor to learn American Sign Language. 


Samantha’s parents shared that their neighbors have brought so much happiness to their daughter and they cannot express their gratitude enough. One of Samantha’s neighbors shared that the first word the two-year-old greets many of them with is “friend” and that “melts their hearts.” Samantha’s parents also shared that they have seen a difference in their daughter who has more joy since being able to communicate with the members of her community. 

The Newton community has shown that kindness, compassion, and effort make for a neighborhood that is full of love and friendship. Bringing happiness to Samantha has also brought great joy to her neighbors who now can communicate with Samantha through sign language instead of not being able to understand or talk back to her. This incredible act of kindness has not only made communication for Samantha possible, it has also undoubtedly given her hope, inspiration, and motivation to keep looking forward. 


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