‘Crusaders for Veterans’ Hosts Fundraiser to Build Three-Stage Veteran Village

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Crusaders for Veterans, a nonprofit organization developed to care for our veterans and honor our military, hosted its seventh annual Freedom Ball last weekend to encourage support for veterans. According to WXXV 25, this year’s event focused on recognizing several Purple Heart recipients and also raised money for a three-stage veteran village to help homeless veterans get off the streets and learn new skills to find new careers. The founder and President of Crusaders for Veterans, Kevin Cuttill, explained that his organization places importance on recognizing veterans for their tremendous sacrifices and unwavering commitment to defending freedom. 

The three-stage veteran village that Crusaders for Veterans is fundraising for, is also known as ‘The Guardian Project.’ Crusaders for Veterans describes the village as being made up of tiny houses that are actual homes, noting that “[veterans] will be provided with a community hall for meetings, educational courses, counseling and guidance, a food bank to assist them with keeping food on the table, a kitchen available to invite family over for a cooked meal and family get together, a large hall for special events, gatherings and possible emergency shelter.” In addition, veterans will be able to learn maintenance, woodworking, and machine shop skills along with retail experience and gardening skills to help them find jobs. The village will also have a pet park, playground, running track, a laundromat, and a special memorial garden in remembrance of our fallen heroes. 


According to Crusaders for Veterans, Cuttill, who served in Vietnam, is a disabled veteran himself, with an active-duty wife, and three children who are also veterans with one who did not return home after serving in the U.S. Navy. Cuttill shared that he and his family understand “the sacrifices our men and women suffer during their enlistment and after discharge,” and he has been fostering a community effort to help them. Crusaders for Veterans was founded to assist veterans with resources they need, especially those who are homeless, or are within their first three years of enlistment or their first three years after discharge. Part of their efforts includes hosting food drives, events, and honoring the fallen with commemorative ceremonies. 

With the needs of veterans in mind, Cuttill is working to create an effective support system to help veterans not just get off the streets, but thrive in their communities by learning essential skills and having a positive environment to live in among one another. With all funds raised going directly to support veterans, Crusaders for Veterans stands out in their efforts to truly make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families to whom we are forever grateful. 


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