David Beckham Gives Ukrainian Doctor Access to Social Media Accounts

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Soccer legend David Beckham gave access to his social media accounts that have a combined 127.5 million followers to a Ukrainian doctor to show the world the incredible work they are doing as Russia reigns terror on Ukraine, according to Insider. Dr. Iryna, who is working 24/7, is the head of Kharkiv’s Regional Perinatal Center and a child anesthesiologist. Beckham handed over his Instagram and Facebook accounts to Iryna on Sunday so that she could share videos and photos of their work helping pregnant women and newborns. 

Iryna first brought Beckham’s followers through the basement where pregnant women and mothers with newborns were evacuated the first day after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She shared that it was a “terrible three hours” and that the first few days were “the most difficult” as they needed to “learn how to work with bombings and strikes.” Iryna added that for babies in need of intensive care, they were not able to be brought down to the basement because they “rely on life-saving equipment.” 


Although they are risking their lives, Iryna shared that she, along with the other doctors and nurses, do not even think about it as they are so focused on helping the new mothers and babies. Iryna added that though they worry and cry, they will never give up. 

Iryna noted that UNICEF’s support is very important to them, adding that they have been delivering supplies and ready-to-use kits to maternity hospitals as well as oxygen generators to help give oxygen to babies in the basement. She shared the story of one mother, Yana, whose baby son Mykhailo was born on the second day of war with breathing issues, but is now better.


Expressing her gratitude for David Beckham’s thoughtful gesture and for his followers who watched her stories, Iryna has suggested that donations be made to UNICEF. Beckham, who has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005, is committed to helping “children grow up safe – safe from violence, war, poverty, hunger, and preventable disease,” according to a statement he made on UNICEF’s website. By extending the reach he has to millions of people to Iryna, Beckham has stayed true to his promise as he helped her and the people she is working with find support and hope among those who watched her inspiring work and moving stories. 

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