Demand Increases For Ministry Helping Teen Mothers

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The founder of Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI), Christa March, is helping teen mothers by providing them with the resources they need to support their family after they have given birth. Assisting young mothers who choose life is personal for March who experienced getting pregnant as a teenager and had an abortion herself. Since finding a strong relationship God, March now has two children and is training churches on how and what to provide to these young mothers and their families. According to CBN’s Faithwire, since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, March’s phone has been ringing off the hook as churches and mothers are seeking her assistance. 

TMCI is different from pregnancy centers in that it focuses on helping mothers once the baby has arrived. March shared with Faithwire, “no matter what your situation is, we believe that the church is the answer, and we could help you…Now is the time for us to say we believe that baby’s life is precious. We also believe that a mom’s life is precious. So, let’s help her. Let’s help her find out who it is that God’s created her to be.” Through TMCI, March is training churches on how to meet the needs of mothers by providing Christian mentoring, lifeskills workshops, goal setting assistance, and an incentive program that helps mothers continue their work and/or education by connecting them with transportation, childcare, and baby essentials if needed. 


When March recognizes a problem affecting young mothers, she tries her best to fix it. In one circumstance, a rural community that had schools with childcare centers still had a low graduation rate. After looking into the issue, March discovered that the young mothers did not have the transportation to get to the childcare center, and so they were not able to use it. TMCI helped coordinate transportation, and the problem was resolved. 

Sharing her expertise, March is helping young mothers with parenthood, and helping churches who are helping mothers find the resources they need to be effective and successful. March shared with Faithwire that over the years, she has learned that “God takes what we as humans view as the worst thing that could possibly happen, and, when we turn those things over to Him, He’s like, ‘Watch me work.’” March’s strong belief in God is helping others strengthen their faith or find it altogether as young mothers seek the help and guidance they need as they begin their journey into motherhood. 


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