Despite China’s ‘Weather Balloon’ Claims, Pentagon Believes It’s For Surveillance

Credit: shutterstock

China is claiming that the balloon identified initially flying over Montana and making its way across the United States was a “weather research airship” that had drifted off course. According to the New York Post, the Pentagon is continuing to monitor the balloon closely, especially as they do not believe China’s story. China denied that they had any intention of “violating the territory and airspace of any sovereign country,” but the balloon continues to make its way across the country.

The balloon “coincidentally” found itself “drifting” over the “Big Sky Country, home to one of America’s three nuclear missile silo fields at Malmstrom Air Force Base near Great Falls” on Thursday. 


Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder called the balloon “maneuverable” citing that it has changed its course. Ryder explained that the balloon was found to be carrying a “sizable ‘payload’ of surveillance technology” which could potentially harm civilians and cause damage to property if shot down. Ryder noted that the Pentagon does not believe that the balloon is carrying any type of weaponry. 

Republicans have urged President Biden to shoot down the balloon, but the White House says Biden is taking the advice of military generals not to take such action because of the risk it poses to civilians. Republicans are remaining suspicious amid the questionable business dealings Hunter Biden may still have with China, referencing the company called BHR Partners.


According to the New York Post “one week after President Biden’s November 2021 virtual summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Hunter Biden’s attorney Chris Clark said the BHR stake was divested. However, online records continued to show that the first son holds the stake and neither Clark nor the White House would provide further information on the supposed transaction.”

The Pentagon continues to monitor the direction of the balloon, and has not ruled out the possibility of shooting it down. 

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